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Custom Water Tank – Custom Fitting Information


Where are your tanks made?

Class A Customs is located in Elkhart, Indiana USA, we make all of our tanks here on location, we do not have any other locations and we do not have any distributors.

Can you make me a custom tank?

We can make a custom tank however due to the cost of a mold and needing to buy a larger qty of tanks most customers needing only a few tanks find it better to use a tank we already manufacture.

For more information and a quote on custom tanks please contact sales on the Contact Us Form include CAD drawing or sketch with measurements.

Business Name:

Contact Name:



Shipping Location:

Loading Dock: yes / no

Forklift: yes / no

Qty Needed Per Month:

Time Frame Item Needed:

Blank Tanks Available

Blank Tanks (no fittings installed)

Blank Tanks are available but you will need to verify lead time, this will vary and can be up-to several months, use Contact Us Form for information.

Can I have the fittings moved or extras added?

We only offer custom fittings on water tanks if ordering a qty of 50+ tanks (single type of tank) per order. Uniseal Fittings allow you to place a fitting in any location on a water tank.

Can I cut a hole in the tank and glue another fitting in?

No, fitting are spun welded into the tank, friction between the fitting and the tank causes both to melt and permanently seal, no additional glues or sealants are used to install the fittings. The residue left by putting the fittings in place is part of the material the tanks and fittings are made from and may spider crack or flake off over time, this in no way harms the tank or causes any usage issues. To add fittings or repair a damaged fitting we now offer Uniseal Fittings which allow you to put a fitting in any location, sizes range from .5″ – 3″

Plug Cap - Fitting Location - Residue Info

How do I get the large fitting out? Are these punch out fittings?

Each tank will come with at least one vent hole made during the manufacturing process (this is not the vent hole for when using the tank), a permanently mounted patch is placed over this hole, this is not a fitting and does not unscrew.

Other Water Tank Suppliers

that might have a tank that better fits your needs.

If you are looking for a replacement tank for a unit:

  • Check with the manufacturer (do an online search as well) to see if they have information
  • Look at the tank to see a part number – do an online search for this part and your vehicle make/model
  • You may not be able to find the same tank, especially in older units.
  • You may not be able to purchase from the tank manufacturer unless you are a builder/dealer.

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